Digital Advertising Overview

How Do I Start Digital Advertising?

Have you thought about trying online advertising but aren’t sure what to start? Do you have a website and social media accounts? You may already be on your way to starting digital advertising but here are a few things to keep in mind before you start.

  1. Always make sure your website is working well and content is up to date.
  2. Have a landing page in mind for people to easily find what you are advertising. For example if you are promoting 50% off your products, Google will rank your advertising more relevant if you lead people to a 50% off page.
  3. Make sure your design elements are matching up from display ads to your website.
  4. Keep your followers updated across all platforms if you are promoting online. This promotes recall on your product and brand if customers are seeing it in a variety of places.
  5. Think about what you want to advertise – Is it timely? Is it relevant? Can you fulfill it efficiently? By targeting your promotion to a more relevant audience, you will have greater results.

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