Recently asked, “Why do you want to start a digital marketing company?”, my answer led me back to the experiences I have gained that got me to this point and the goals I’ve established along the way.

With a background in Sociocultural Anthropology from Western, I quickly realized I like trying to understand people and their social habits. In the larger picture, I was drawn to advertising because I have an ability to relate to customers and understand what they enjoy.

This ability led me to a post-graduate degree in Marketing Management, where I was exposed to many aspects of marketing. After interning in Toronto, I landed in a tradition media position working for a daily newspaper as a graphic designer. This is an important step in my career for a few reasons. Number one, I learned a LOT about printing, which has led me to understand more about the web, in the inverse. Number two, I learned how to speak to customers. Either through design, or by working directly with clients and the sales team. Not only was I designing, but I was selling ideas and had so much creativity and freedom to put on a different “voice” with each ad. I loved this position but my goal was always to be working in marketing, so that was my next move.

I quickly moved into a national marketing role at the daily newspaper. I was representing our brand, putting on events, working with local not-for-profits and businesses, website updates, client presentations… you name it. The national marketing team was a great eye-opener to the many aspects of business that I hadn’t touched on yet. It allowed me to learn about statistics, reporting, analysis and the less analytical sides of marketing. I realized quickly, that I really enjoy the change of pace of both design and analytics. My goal here was to gain as much experience as I could, and move to an ad agency to use my skills.

I realized this goal shortly after the newspaper. I started as an account executive with many clients on my plate. I felt like this was the ultimate job and I was so happy working on behalf of clients, brainstorming ideas, printing projects, and dipping my toes in the digital marketing world. I had touched on social media a few times with business, and of course through personal experiences, but my experiences were limited. Working with a great digital marketing team, I loved the fast-paced free-flowing elements of social media and digital marketing. Campaigns could be created in a matter of moments, and that large billboard could become remarketing ads in an hour. It was love at first glance for me and I didn’t look back. Although my position was an account executive, I took on as many digital marketing projects I could and eventually moved into a content specialist role at the agency. This incorporated my ability to relate to consumers, with creativity and with design. It was perfect!

So why did I start my own company?

My goal is to take my love and passion for digital marketing, and marketing in general, to clients. I want to be a part of the team for small businesses so that I can bring my unique variety of marketing knowledge to entrepreneurs and business owners. As my business grows, so can other businesses with my help.


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