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Social Media Trends 2018

When asked “What is new in Social Media?” I have been jumping all over a few thoughts that we think will be big in 2018.

1. Influencers

Brands are showing up everywhere and people WANT to be influencers. Products that you can relate to as a user are making big waves in social media advertising and platforms are starting to react to this. You can now list your brand affiliations in posts on Facebook if you are advertising on behalf of a company.

2. Content Marketing

Give the consumers what they want! Facebook, for example, now allows you to post dynamic content on an ad and they will display it in the best way to reach your identified audience. What this means is that you can serve videos ads to those who like videos with up to 5 different messages. Also, an image post with various images and messages all served up on Facebook’s platform to maximize clicks! Content has never been so customizable.

3. Consumable Images

Since the implementation of instant articles, I find myself less likely to click on ads that will lead me away from the platform I am currently on to read things, however, if an image or video is speaking to me, I might stay and watch/consume the content. The rise of Instagram has also spoken to this phenomenon: users want to see the message and be entertained in an image/video rather than an external link. We will continue to see this trend evolve with automatic subtitles and simple videos that share a message.

4. 360 Images

Love this one. I saw a recent Where’s Waldo that was a 360 image, and you have to bet I certainly found Waldo! There are creative ideas that can be accomplished with 360 images to capture the audience, and with the ability to capture these images on the rise, this will only trend upwards!

Those are our thoughts for Social Media Trends for 2018. Now only time will tell to see how popular these become, or what is the next big thing.

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